The BH belt holster


b-grip BH camera belt: much more than an accessory

BH is comfortable and ergonomic due to its weight distribution across a wide surface.

It has a quick and intuitive camera release
from the support base.

Universal QRP fix plate: much more than a normal tripod plate

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The b-grip BH belt (belt holster) is an innovative and effective alternative transportation system to the camera neck strap. Thanks to the safe and comfortable belt, carrying the camera will be easy and comfortable. The photographer will always have his hands free and will be able to move freely while avoiding the inconvenience of a dangling camera swinging around his neck.
Thanks to the WDS technology (weight discharge system), the camera’s weight is distributed over a wide area providing a perceived weight reduction of 50%. It is an amazing result for every type of photographer from the professional to the amateur.
BH is a unique and universal belt carrying system covered by exclusive international patents. It is an accurate project where nothing was left to chance for optimum performance and safety.
Made with high-grade materials offering sturdiness, lightness and reliability.
BH is compatible with any type of camera: Reflex, Mirrorless and Bridge.
BH can be integrated with the “b-grip line” accessories such as HS (hand strap), TA (tripod adaptor) and TK (kit for attaching camera on backpack). You can then combine the various accessories to create the most versatile system for your camera.

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