Cokin Filters


Large diameter filters
The new COKIN® C•PRO Series
screw-in filters
The new COKIN® C•PRO Series screw-in filters are the result of the reknowned COKIN® experience in terms of optical quality. Made of high grade mineral glass, these filters have been developed to improve your images without altering their precision. They are presently available in diameters 95mm, 105mm and 127mm.

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Best technologies, Best materials
• High optical and physical properties
• Multi-sides polishing for total flatness and perfect parallelism
• Colour consistency and chromatic accuracy
• High precision for increased image sharpness
• Full potential when used with the best lenses on the market.

Best MANUFACTURING standards
• Special care to all steps of the manufacturing process
• Quality control without compromises
• Benefits from the whole COKIN® know-how.

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