Zeiss Planar 85mm f1.4


Carl Zeiss 85mm f1.4 Planar T* ZE Lens – Canon EF Fit (1677-838). This 85mm Portrait lens is produced by Carl Zeiss and offers the highest possible image quality for uncompromising performance demands. Featuring a Circular 9-blade aperture, it makes for great bokeh (or softness to defocused image areas). The extra wide f/1.4 maximum aperture allows great levels of control over depth of field.
As would be expected with a Zeiss optic there is virtually no geometric distortion and superb flare control using ultra-precise Zeiss T* coatings and hand-painted black edges to lens elements. This level of attention to detail typifies the Zeiss ethic.
This short telephoto is a classic portrait focal length which is further enhanced by the long barrel rotation for precise control of the focus point in the image. The Planar T* 1,4/85 is optimized for medium to longer distances and provides distortion-free performance, which only improves as the lens is stopped down. The fast f/1.4 aperture is very…

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Focal Length: 85mm
Max Aperture: f/1.4
Lens Format: Full Frame
Lens Type: Standard
Image Stabilisation: No
Max. Magnification: 0.1x
Min Focusing Distance: 1.0m


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  • 85mm Planar Lens
  • Front and Rear Caps

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