Rycote Mini Windjammer for Rode Videomic Pro+ Microphone #055470


Rycote’s exclusive fur technology for camera microphones provides excellent wind isolation for your audio
Designed to slip over foam windshields, Mini Windjammers for camera audio provide up to 12 dB of additional wind isolation for your outdoor applications. Using fur designed specifically for Rycote, Mini Windjammers are designed to fit built-in microphones found on portable cameras and numerous external camera microphones.

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Mini Windjammers for Camera Mounted Microphones
We now have Mini Windjammer models tailored to fit microphones specifically designed for camera hot shoe mounting. Made from materials specially designed for wind-noise isolation, these Mini Windjammer models are designed to slip over the foam windshields supplied with these purpose-built microphones to provide the best possible wind isolation with virtually no adverse effect on high frequencies.

Mini Windjammers for Built-In Camera Microphones
We have a wealth of Mini Windjammers designed for the built-in microphones on the cameras / camcorder models that provide the excellent wind isolation for which Rycote is known. Our many models fit a vast number of these cameras in the field today.