Nikon 105mm f/2.8 Micro-NIKKOR A1 MF


The manual-focus Nikon Micro-NIKKOR 105mm f/2.8 has excellent optics and mechanics. It is at least 90% as good as today’s newest 105mm lenses wide-open, and at least as good stopped down. Unlike the newest lenses, it is manual-focus only, which is ideal for macro work.

“Micro” is Nikon’s word for Macro. I will use these words interchangeably.

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7 straight blades.

Stops down to f/32.

Full-stop clicks.

Aperture Ring            top

Yes, metal.

Full-stop clicks.

Close Focus            top

1.34 feet.

0.41 meters.

Working Distance            top

9.5″ (240mm), measured at 1:2.

(The working distance for the 105mm f/4 is 11″ or 280mm)

Maximum Reproduction Ratio            top


With the PN-11 extension tube, 1:0.88 (1.14x life-size).

PN-11 Auto Extension Tube            top

52.5mm flange-to-flange length.

2.8″ (70.5mm) diameter by 2.7″ (67mm) overall length.

Rated 8.6 oz. (245g).

Nikon part number 2647.

Takes BF-1A body cap and LF-1 rear cap.

Optional #61 pouch.

Focus Lock            top


A small chrome set screw on the focus scale at about the 2 feet (0.6m) position allows one to increase focus drag to prevent accidental knocking in laboratory setups.

It doesn’t actually “lock” the focus; it merely makes it stick harder so it’s less likely to get knocked.

Hard Infinity Focus Stop?            top


This is great for astronomy; just turn to the stop and you have fixed laboratory-perfect focus all night.

Focus Scale            top

Yes, detailed.

Depth-of-Field Scale            top

Yes, but limited.

Infra-Red Focus Index            top

Yes: red dot in depth-of-field scale.

Filter Thread            top

52mm, metal.

Does not rotate.

Optional AF-1 gelatine filter holder.

Tripod Collar            top

None on lens.

Rotating tripod collar on optional PN-11 extension ring with 90º click stops and locking screw.

Size            top

Nikon specifies 3.3″ (83.5mm) extension from flange (3.6″ or 91.5mm overall length) by 2.36″ (66.5mm) diameter.

Weight            top

17.972 oz. (509.55g), measured.

Nikon specifies 18.2 oz. (515g).

Hood            top

HS-14, included.