NIKKOR Z 14 – 30 mm 1:4 S


Brand Nikon
Lens type S
Compatible mountings Nikon Z
Camera lens description 30 millimeters
Max focal length 30 Millimetres
Minimum focal length 14 Millimetres
Lens design Zoom
Model name NIKKOR Z 14-30mm f/4 S
Real angle of view 114 Degrees
Maximum aperture 4 Millimetres
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Strong in expression. Strong in detail.

The Nikkor Z 14-30 mm 1:4 S

Full freedom in the image composition: The 14-30 mm ultra-wide angle zoom suited to the mirrorless full-frame cameras of the Nikon Z series allows photographers and filmers to dive even deeper into their scenes – whether urban sea of lights at night or fascinating close-up recording during the day. The basis for the outstanding image performance is the Nikon Z bayonet, whose particularly large inner diameter of 55 mm and low support dimension (16 mm) allows for enormous sharpness and an incredibly high level of detail right down to the corners of the image. The flat front lens element also allows 82 mm filters to be used directly on the lens, which means even more control and freedom when shooting and filming. Thanks to the continuous light intensity of 1:4, exposure can be kept constant over the entire zoom range.

The high-quality construction of 14 lenses in 12 groups also contributes to impressive optical performance, in which four ED glass lenses, four aspherical lenses and lenses with nano crystal coating ensure effective minimisation of distortion, colour hems and other imaging defects.

Thanks to Nikon’s stepper motor, the autofocus works very quietly and allows focus shifting practically without audible drive noise – ideal for film recordings. In addition to the compact design, a fluorescent coating of the front lens as well as an extensive weather seal makes the lens an ideal companion when travelling.

  • Mirrorless Nikon Z system
  • 14-30mm High Performance FX Lens
  • Constant light intensity of 1:4 with superior performance.
  • High-quality optical system for outstanding image performance

NIKKOR Z 14-30 mm 1:4 S

NIKKOR Z 14-30 mm 1:4 S

NIKKOR Z 14-30 mm 1:4 S

NIKKOR Z 14-30 mm 1:4 S

Mirrorless Nikon Z system

The 14-30mm ultra wide angle zoom is part of the mirrorless camera system that takes a new chapter in the Nikon full-frame camera segment. The central feature of the Z series is the Z bayonet. With its extra-large diameter of 55 mm and a support size reduced to just 16 mm, it opens up completely new possibilities of the lens construction and allows an unreached proximity of the lens to the sensor – for the ultimate level of light output and image quality.

14-30mm High Performance FX Lens

A dream for architecture and travel photographers. Thanks to the extra-large diameter of the Z bayonet, the lens brings more light into every angle of the field of view and can display motifs up to the corners of the image almost vignetting-free and with incredible detail. A large dynamic range ensures plenty of room for storytelling. Angle of ultra wide 114° up to 72° open up a field of application from panorama to close-up shot. The multi-focusing system allows for a fluid, precise focus without “focus breathing” and without focus shift when zooming. The lens offers a smallest aperture of 22 and allows exciting approaches to the subject by a minimum focus distance of 0.28 m (in all zoom positions). Using the camera menu, practical functions can be assigned to the wide adjustment ring of the lens, such as the setting of the ISO value and exposure correction as well as manual focusing the adjustment of the distance.

Constant light intensity of 1:4 with superior performance.

For sensational results even in difficult light. The lens offers a continuous light intensity of 1:4 and allows you to take photos and film in the entire zoom range with constant exposure. This means that it always delivers the maximum image quality and impresses even at reduced exposure times and low ISO values with punched, rich colours and clear contrast throughout the entire image circle. To make it even more creative, the flat front lens element allows the use of 82 mm filters directly on the lens. The 7 rounded fins of the aperture provide wonderfully natural looking backgrounds, while the electromagnetic control of the aperture ensures a constant high precision of exposure – ideal for continuous shooting. In addition, the lens benefits from the image stabiliser (sensor shift VR) integrated into the cameras of the Z series, which makes recordings possible with up to five light levels longer exposure times.

High-quality optical system for outstanding image performance

Brilliance and attention to detail in Nikkor quality: The lens has a powerful optical system of 14 lenses in 12 groups. Four ED glass lenses (extra low dispersion) are used, which ensure first-class sharpness and ensure a highly effective minimisation of colour defects. In addition, four aspherical lenses throughout the zoom range ensure effective correction of opening errors and distortion. Lenses with nano crystal coating also allow a highly effective reduction of reflections, phantom images and scattered light. Point light sources in the mid-night city scenes are depicted even on the edge of the image with superior precision and minimal sagittal coma. This means that the lens impresses with its breathtaking attention to detail, depth and colour brilliance.