External dimension (cm)
Width: 26.0
Depth: 17.0
Height: 44.0
Interner Total Dimensions (cm)
Width: 24.0
Depth: 16.0
Height: 40.0
Camera Compartment (cm)
Width: 22.0
Depth: 10.0
Height: 19.5
Personal Compartment (cm)
Width: 22.0
Depth: 16.0
Height: 22.5
Laptop Compartment (cm)
Width: 23.0
Depth: 2.5
Height: 36.0

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The new Advanced2 collection has been designed to offer a wide range of carrying solutions suitable for different situations. The collection includes Backpacks, Shoulder Bags, Messengers and Holsters, each offering a variation of sizes and shapes designed to accommodate popular camera forms from the latest DSLRs and Mirrorless to drones and handheld gimbals.

The new Advanced2 have been designed and made to be functional, durable, lightweight and rugged whilst having detailing and stylish aesthetics.

To enchance comfort during long days in the field, the Advanced2 backpacks have a new Slim-Tech Comfort System – a Thermoformed back panel design to enchance comfort.

To maximise storage and improved protection for your kit, the Advanced2 series comes with the new Slim-Tech Protection System – a new 15mm High Stretch EVA termoformed dividers. This extremely compact gear protection enables the user to carry more gear whilse dilvering uncompromising security. Adding on Manfrotto’s signature brushed fabric, the new protection system not just divides and protects your gear but keeps it comfortable too.

The new Advanced2 Compact Backpack from Manfrotto has a 40% gear / 60% personal items designed for travel photographers needing a little bit of everything with them.

You will get tripod connectors and a rain cover included along with a built-in trolley connection and water repellent coating, this bag is a travelling photographers perfect partner.

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