Manfrotto MB SS390-5SW AGILE V Sling Bag -White


Allows DSLR to be stored with lens attached
Secure your tripod to the front of the bag with provided straps
Upper compartment for personal accessories

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The Agile V Sling is the perfect bag for on-the-go shooters. Designed to always get you to the perfect shot with all your gear, it fits a DSLR with up to 24-120 mm lens attached plus 2-3 extra lenses. This bag will provide quick draw whenever called for by simply swinging from back to front. Slings are great shoot-as-you-go solutions. Carry your gear on your back and simply swing the bag up front for quick access when the perfect shot presents itself. Internal dimensions: L 11″, W 5.3″, H 9.45″. External dimensions: L 12.2″, W 7.87″, H 16.14″. Weight 2.29 lbs.

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