Manfrotto MB MP-H-20BB Professional Plus 20 DSLR Camera Holster Bag


Internal Protection: The centre of a camera bag is its most vulnerable spot. Manfrotto’s CPS provides a thick layer of structured, shock-absorbing core section dividers that safely cushions your Equipment.
External Protection: The outer face of all Manfrotto Professional bags has a rigid and strong multi-layered construction to protect your gear against impact.
Great Camera Holster For carrying minimal gear – DSLR, lens, a few accessories and essential documents. Top opening gives fast, easy access to the camera.
Ergonomically designed zipper pullers
Multiple storage options, Waterproof cover

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he most protective holster camera bag for the professional photographer

The Manfrotto ‘Professional’ Range of holster camera bags is aimed squarely at top photographers, and aims to provide protection for high-end photographic equipment with the best possible protection.

Defending the heart of the professional holster camera bag

Most camera bags’ weakest point is, surprisingly, the centre of the holster bag, where most of us keep our favorite body and lens. In traditional bag designs, all the surrounding gear compresses in to the middle of the camera bag if it’s dropped, causing more damage to whatever is carried there. CPS – Core Protection System – is Manfrotto’s answer for the Professional holster camera bag range: dividers made from 3D foam specially structured to dampen and absorbs the force of impact and offer more protection at the heart of the holster bag.

A tougher outer shell

The front of Manfrotto’s every Professional camera holster bag have a rigid multi-layer construction (named Exo-Tough) that keeps the bag safe against the force of sharp impacts.

Small details that add up to protection, practicality and longevity for your professional Camera bag

Every Manfrotto Professional bag has feet to keep the equipment off the ground and out of the mud, and built-in rain covers that keep the holster camera bag and an attached tripod dry.

Pocket positions, closures and padding are all designed to meet the needs of pro photographers, with hardwearing, rip-resistant fabrics used alongside easy-to-use oversized zips and durable metal fastenings.

The Camera bag designs are as minimal and stylish as one would expect from Manfrotto – elegant enough for any assignment, in any location.

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