Leica Ultravid 8×20 BL Compact Binoculars


Ultra lightweight
Elegant compact folding design
Noble black leather coating
Extreme contrast, extreme sharpness
HighLux system provides fascinating views
Supplied with soft leather case

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The Leica Ultravid 8×20 BL lightweight binoculars in classic black leather trim are an ideal companion for everything where performance and style are valued, whether in the city or out in nature.

The Ultravid BL series come finished in noble black leather. This leather design gives the binoculars a classic elegance and guarantees a long life.

They can be folded together to save space and are so small and light that any “weight” they do have is mitigated by their outstanding imaging performance. The perfect companion for a walk though a museum or having at a concert.

fine leather
foldable, little and light
ideal for concerts and events

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