Kata KT DL-3N1-10 Sling Backpack (Small, Black)


Three Carry Options/Two Slings/Backpack
Holds PRO DSLR, 1-2 Lenses, Flash
Can Hold Compact Video Camcorder
Top Compartment Holds Personal Gear

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The small black KT DL-3N1-10 Sling Backpack from KATA provides a 3-in-1 way to store, carry and use your gear. It has the capacity to hold your DSLR with 1-2 additional lenses, flash and accessories including a dedicated area for memory cards. For the videographer, it can hold a compact video camcorder plus accessories.

The unique design of this pack offers you a way to gain access to your gear while still maintaining its traditional backpack format. In the backpack or “X” position with the straps across your chest this allows you to easily and rapidly swing the pack to either your left or right side by simply releasing the quick release buckles. In this way, you won’t have to remove the entire pack to retrieve gear.

The pack is essentially divided in half with the bottom half designated for your photo gear and the top half for personals such a maps, paperwork and cell phone. The overall design maintains a thin, efficient profile. The main camera compartment comes with modular yellow padded dividers that give you the freedom to configure the pack to suit your gear needs.

The top compartment can also be used to store less frequently needed gear. There are two external zippered pockets that allow you to retrieve accessories without having to open the main compartments. The front of the pack contains tripod straps that can accommodate a small field tripod.

The pack is made from durable ripstop nylon and comes with a handy rain cover that can be readily deployed when the weather turns against you. For added convenience, the KT DL-3N1-10 Sling Backpack is compatible with KATA’s optional Insertrolley or any wheeled cart. Simply thread the pack over the tow handle and you’ll have the ability to place all your luggage on one rolling cart. The pack comes with a 5-year warranty from KATA.

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