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Charger – for AAA/AA batteries, NiMH, charging time +/- 8-10 hrs

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With this universal branded charger, you can simultaneously charge up to 4 NiMH AA or AAA batteries. The charger is controlled by a safety timer that automatically stops charging to prevent the batteries from overheating. It can automatically detect the battery type and indicates the charging status with an LED indicator. This set includes 4 AA Eneloop batteries with a minimum capacity of 750mAh when fully charged. The service life of these powerful batteries is approximately 2100 charging cycles. It takes approximately 8-10 hrs to charge the batteries to their maximum capacity.

Technical Parameters :

Suitable battery: NiMH
Battery size: AAA/AA
Number of charging slots: 4
Battery charging current AA: 250mA
AAA battery charging current: 120mA
Operating voltage: 230V
Weight: 230g
Dimensions (h, d, w): 118 × 77 × 75mm

Maximum charging
250 mA
Charging time
10 hr(s)
Package contents
With the supplied batteries
Capacity of included batteries
750 mAh
Number of batteries included
4 piece(s)

Additional information

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